• Please note, the Yoga Tree will be closing at the end of this month.

      Casuals welcome, and those on concessions are encouraged to use them up before Sept.30th.







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    • Our Saturday pregnancy class has moved to 9 am. and will be combined with our general classes.

      All levels welcome. 


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    • "Such a beautiful ambient studio, I always leave feeling like that was exactly what I needed for the mind and body. Amanda is an amazing teacher, her knowledge of yoga is so encouraging, haven't had the chance to get to any of the other classes with the other instructors but won't be long till I'm back in!" Braxy Curteis.

      "Thanks for the amazing yoga classes. Coming from a triathlon background I had very little experience in Yoga and the experiences I did have were very intimidating and off-putting. Your classes are so inclusive and welcoming and I really look forward to them each week. I particularly like the readings you do as I personally get a lot of energy from them." Anna Russell

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