• Namaste,

      Wonderful you have found your way to The Yoga Tree.

      Our boutique Balinese style studio is a one of a kind in Auckland. The studio environment, (hard wood floors,  Asian artwork, and furniture) sets it apart but we are also unique in our offerings, catering to all stages and ages of yoga, including pregnancy, mums n bubs, and beginner's yoga. We also offer retreats, (one spot left for the upcoming Bliss Bali retreat July 16-21 in Ubud).

      Some frequently asked questions:

      Do I need to book? No, not as present. You are welcome to come as a casual unless it is for a course.

      How can I pay? We have EFTPOS at the studio or take cash. You can also purchase a concession pass online here (see the shop)or via Mindbody Connect app (available for both iphone and Android).

      Do I need to buy a mat? If you wish however we supply all the props you will need at the studio.

      Do I need experience? If you are coming to a general yoga class it's best to have some experience behind you. Our pregnancy classes are open to beginner's so no you don't need experience.

      How often should I come? This depends on you, your health, your availability, your motivation and commitment but as a general rule the more yoga you do, the  better you will feel -- across all aspects of your life.

      I hope this answers your questions and we look forward to seeing you soon,





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    • Interested in learning more about post natal yoga and how to involve bubs?

      The Yoga Tree will be hosting a three-day weekend intensive Nov.18-20 to delve into this special time in a woman's life.

      Led Jennifer Allen, this three-day course is fun, practical and packed with information to help launch you into the growing field of teaching yoga for new mums (and their bubs!).

      This course designed by Bliss Baby Yoga is designed to equip you with the specialised knowledge, confidence and a comprehensive ‘tool kit’ of appropriate asanas (postures) and practices to teach safe, nurturing yoga classes that will help your students to gently re-establish stability and strength postnatally, as well as how to incorporate bubs into yoga classes for a fun, bonding and nourishing experience for both mum and baby. 


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    • The Yoga Tree, recently remodelled and under management by Amanda Morrall, is a boutique Balinese style studio that offers you an experience beyond just stretching and strengthening. Our teachers, all of whom have been practising for at least a decade themselves, see yoga as a process of internal transformation, a journey of self discovery and awareness. As such, our teachers are there to teach you yoga, not just the poses. What we carry to the mat, how we move, react and behave, is no different from how you operate in daily life. Yoga teaches you there is no separation. Awareness of this steers you in the direction of positive growth.


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