• A year in review 2016

    Some thoughts on life and 2016 as the year closes out. For me personally 2016 was epic. Some amazing trips to places in New Zealand I'd never been, including a ski trip to Wanaka and the incredible Central Otago Railway. Breathtaking, both of them. Bali and Cambodia followed. I ran my first yoga retreat at beautiful Bamboo Indah, three years after fell in love with the place and pledged to take a group back to experience the magic for themselves. Cambodia was also a dream for me, touring one of the Eighth Wonders of the World and learning more about the triumphs and tragedies of [...]

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    Good health and wellbeing is 'wealth' not a luxury

    I see all kinds of students walk through the doors in all manner of states and conditions. Quite often, it's an injury, illness or trauma that brings people to yoga. It doesn't take long before they're a yoga convert. They profess to feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy and handling stress better. They look better too. The cycle is predictable. They get ecstatic, they have a stint of regular practise, and then they crash. It's not because they feel bad but ironically because they feel good. So they leave classes longer than usual, start to feel guilty, then think why [...]

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    Downward facing dog is a good antidote to the downward winter blues spiral

    Boom. Winter's here for folks, well not officially, but the abrupt change in the season has been felt by all. Around this time of year the temptation to crawl into a hole and hibernate is strong. Intuitively, most of know that keeping up with our yoga practise is one of the best things to do to chase away the blues, to stay fit, healthy and balanced (mentally and emotionally) through this seasonal shift. And yet it becomes increasingly difficult to do so when it's dark, cold and miserable outside. The longer we leave it, the harder it becomes to get back on track and then we simply get [...]

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