• Pregnancy Yoga Five Pass


    Research has found that prenatal yoga hasmany benefits for pregnant women and their babies. Studies suggest that practicing yoga while pregnant will improve sleep patterns, lower stress and anxiety, and condition the body and mind for labour.
    Pregnancy yoga can also decrease nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath, and reduce the risk of premature labour,  pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction — a condition that slows a baby’s growth.
    It doesn’t end after pregnancy. Yoga a perfect workout after baby is born, and assuming no complications.  Yoga is an ancient technology for helping to cope better with life inevitable change and challenges. Give your baby the best start, but learning the methods early.


    Commit to a regular programme of yoga and feel the benefits inside and out. We offer five, 10 and 20 pass concessions to get you through till the big day.  Provided you have no complications, and are feeling ready to give it a go, you can start your practise any time. No previous experience is required. We cater to all stages of pregnancy.


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