• Flow

    Our flow classes are suited to all levels, as our teachers are trained to offer suitable options to make the practise less or more intense depending on your experience and what you bring to the mat that day. Classes start with a warm up, a compliment of standing postures, some inversions where appropriate, and a good stretch before savasana. Expect your mind to be challenged as much as your body as you learn to get the two working together as a team again with the breath as the bridge. Fun, engaging, and revitalising. Please book in ahead using our app The Yoga Tree Auckland available for Android here or iPhone here.

  • Beginner’s

    Whether you are new to yoga or stepping back onto the mat after a long gap, our courses and classes will reacquaint you with your body, help you to understanding the importance of the breathe as part of that reawakening and provide you with solid foundations for building a sustainable yoga practise. A course-long commitment incentivises you to keep coming so you can experience the benefits. Learn the basic poses, elements of breath control, concentration and even a bit of meditation. The net result is you will feel more connected to your body and mind, you will heighten your awareness, sleep better at night and feel more vital and alive. It’s a great way to start. To register for our latest beginner's course click here. 

  • Mindful Mothering

    Having a baby is a beautiful and life changing experience but it can also be stressful and isolating at times as you adjust to a new schedule and new reality. Our six week mums and bubs course is a great way to spend time with your baby in a safe and calming environment with like-minded first and second time mums. An ideal way to get your body back gently without worrying about leaving the baby behind. While we do recommend you carve out time for yourself as well, this is a lovely time for just the two of you among good company.

  • Pregnancy

    Yoga is a great way to enjoy your pregnancy and to prepare your mind, body & spirit for childbirth & parenthood. The concentration, focus, breathing techniques and strength required for childbirth are all essential elements of yoga. No yoga experience necessary.

    In Yoga for Pregnancy, we practice acceptance & awareness. You are able to decide how far to stretch, which positions are comfortable for you and which are not. The more you learn to listen to your body now, the more you can be in tune with yourself during the birth. Your approach & attitude will have an important part to play in making this birth a fulfilling & empowering experience. The yoga poses or asana that you will learn in the class will help to strengthen and tone your body in preparation for labour as well as helping to open your body and improve your flexibility. 

    Your birthing experience will also be influenced by the skills you bring to it. In this class, we practice skills and techniques that will give you more option and choices as you give birth. This includes breath awareness. Often taken for granted, it can take a while to learn to harness your breath & use if effectively. Focusing on the breath during labour is for many women, the best way to cope, to help you relax through contractions, find relief from discomforts & put you in a place of feeling stronger & more present with your experience.

    And...we practice relaxation. Having a baby is a big event, and like all big events, can be a bit stressful. The ability to relax is a skill everybody needs in stressful times, and like awareness & breathing, relaxation can be learned.